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Logix Prime Integrated Resource Planning System

Logix Prime system is capable of managing several administratively and financially independent branches with access to reports at the branch, institution, or group level, making it the perfect solution for large and medium ERP.

With Logix Prime, you have more control over your company or its affiliates.  Simplify key processes, gain better visibility into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information, so you can achieve profitable growth.


Main Benefits:

logix-x          Installing the system, whether on local or cloud servers.

logix-x          Integrated business intelligence

logix-x         Integration with Logix Enterprise

logix-x         System with Rapid application

Logix Prime is designed to suit all the needs of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs).

a question cropping up in everybody’s mind! What is the difference between Logix Prime and Logix Enterprise?


Logix Prime is designed for enterprises and Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), while Logix Enterprise is designed for enterprises and businesses of all sizes.


Normative and standardized in all the systems and services it provides, unlike Logix Enterprise, which is unlimited.


  Rapid implementation and application.


  Upgrading and Modernization option depends on the development versions adopted by the company only.

What are the other Logix’s systems for business solutions?

Cloud Systems

logix-x          Financial Management

logix-x          Human Resources Management and Self-Services

logix-x          Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

logix-x          Project Management

logix-x           Property Management System

logix-x           Distribution Management

logix-x          Manufacturing & Production

By Sectors

logix-x          Services Sector

logix-x          Manufacturing & Production

logix-x          Information Technology

logix-x          Wholesale Distribution

logix-x         Retail & E-Commerce

logix-x          Contracting & Construction

logix-x          Lawyers & Legal Consultations

By Departments

logix-x         Evaluation Management

logix-x         Business Development

logix-x          Financial Management

logix-x          Operations Management

logix-x          Support Services Management

logix-x           Sales & Marketing Management

logix-x         Field Services Management

logix-x         Information Technology Management

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