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Why A Modern Cloud ERP Platform?

Why Modern Businesses Need Modern Technology

An ERP platform enables you to manage your workforce, finances, customer relationships, supply chain, and more from one place. But don’t choose software that’s built on outdated technology. Here’s how to find a solution that’s designed to provide anywhere, anytime access for today’s mobile workforce.

Businesses selecting ERP business software often focus on the cost and functionality of the software they’re evaluating. Although the functional fit of software to current business processes is important, the ability of the software to adapt to future business growth can be just as vital when you consider how much it would cost to upgrade or replace your ERP after only two or three years. Much of that future adaptability depends on the technology platform on which the business management software is built.


Today’s Reality

The widespread use of eCommerce and mobile apps has driven ERP and CRM vendors to add those capabilities to their applications. Unfortunately, legacy ERP platforms often can’t easily adapt to these new requirements. For some legacy providers, their solution is to offer cumbersome add-ons, sometimes with standalone databases. Others respond by taking old, legacy applications and adding additional software to the front end to make their outdated software appear to be a cloud platform.

A Modern Business System

The architecture of today’s modern business system combines the three important areas for an ERP evaluation: User Experience, Application Functionality and ERP Technology.

User Experience

Get anywhere, anytime access and the ability to view and interact with every page of the application on any device that has a browser.

Application Functionality

Use one database with real-time integrated processes to ensure data accuracy (such as merging ERP and CRM in a single system).

ERP Platform Technology

Look for a true cloud solution that doesn’t require any software to be installed on your device. Although your solution is built for cloud but it will run on local servers. Your platform should offer:

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