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ERP Solution for Finance Lead
Streamline your Financial Management

Your title may be CFO, VP of Finance, Controller, Treasurer, or Bookkeeper, but you are in charge of the company finances. Ensuring that invoices are paid, payroll is met, financial statements are accurate, and budgets are prepared are just some of the tasks you perform.

Your Responsibilities

You oversee the company’s accounting functions and are responsible for:

  • Closing the books quickly and accurately for every reporting period
  • Developing budgets, capital asset plans, and financial forecasts
  • Ensuring proper audit and tax compliance
  • Managing bank accounts, loans, and real estate obligations

To do all this and more, you need a financial management system that gives you access to accurate, up-to-date information on all the finances of your company—one that will let you analyze and report on the financial health of the organization, but is simple to use so it won’t slow you or your staff down.

KPIs to Establish and Monitor:

Revenue goals


Profitability goals


Return on Assets (Equity)


Asset Productivity (Throughput)


Quality & Timeliness of Reports Produced (Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Departmental and Project Performance, etc.)


Time to Close Your Books


Financial Report Restatement Rate


LOGIX ERP is an integrated financial and business management solution that helps you run your business more effectively. From accounting to CRM to manufacturing and distribution, LOGIX is an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution that provides a full view of your company in real time. Built on a robust technical platform, LOGIX ERP can run on premise or in the cloud.

Best of all, you are charged by the resources your company needs, not by the number of users that access the system (like other ERP vendors do). That means that everyone in your organization can be granted access to the information they need for their role without incurring additional expense to your business.

  • One system that integrates your company’s financial management, operations, and CRM.
  • Built using industry standard technology.
  • Run on premise or in the cloud.
  • Charged by the resources needed, not per user.
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