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Logix ERP Project Managers Portal
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Logix ERP Project Managers Portal

discover | Sunday - 05 / 11 / 2023 - 7:40 pm

In the latest version of the Logix X ERP system, the “Project Managers Portal” module was added, which is a complete digital electronic portal to serve project managers and contains all the unique details needed by project managers, through which project managers can prepare and record project data and follow up on each project separately.

project managers

As shown in the image above, the main Project Managers Portal program screen contains a Dashboard for all projects under the current Project Manager.
We will explain the “project charter”, the most crucial concept managed in this new module.

  • Project charter
  • The Definition of Project charter: The project charter can be defined in project management as a set of documents that must be prepared by following specific rules so that they are a reference for project management or senior management in the facility to follow up and monitor the implementation of the project and provide an overview and a clear vision of all the details of the steps and stages of the project to ensure its successful performance.
  • Project Charter Components:Whether the size of the firm is small, medium, or large, and regardless of the size of the projects and their different nature from the other firms (for example, the project may be the construction of a residential city or the project of opening a new branch, and your project may be the preparation of an organisational chart or the preparation of an estimated budget … etc.), in all these cases, there must be a charter for each project that begins with the definition and description of the project card and consists of several components that explain all the details of the project. The most important of these components will be listed as follows:
project managers step 1
  • Project card: The project card or project abstract includes the primary data of the project, such as “project name, project manager, project period, and project budget.
  • Project objectives: The main objectives of the project, its success criteria, and the approved person for each purpose are written separately.
  • The association of the project with the strategic objectives: Any project in the firm is always linked to the strategic objectives in one way or another, and here is the identification of the strategic objectives to which the project is linked.
project managers step 2
  • • Project linkage with other projects: Whether the project is linked to another major or sub-project.
  • The Description of the project scope: This is a set of results to be implemented. The concept of the project scope of work differs according to the nature of the project and the nature of the work of the facility (the scope may be a department or department in the facility, a geographical area, specific data or even training) or a combination of several concepts that are defined in the project charter.
  • Project performance indicators: The importance of performance indicators lies in giving a complete picture and a clear vision to measure the project’s success through specific standards and measures.
  • Project outcomes: These are the final results of the project or what will be accomplished.
  • Outcomes acceptance criteria: After writing the project outcomes, each outcome is selected, and the criteria for accepting each one are reported separately by the person in charge of approving the products.
  • The main project milestones/stages: Among the steps for preparing the project charter, the main project milestones or phases must be written, representing the important milestones in the project life cycle. The project milestones or phases are written as follows:
    • Write the milestone or stage
    • Choose the type (task – milestone – stage)
    • Determine the delivery date
  • List of Stakeholders: Identifying the relevant parties/individuals influential or affected by the project and its outputs, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Project work team: Write down the project team members and the responsibilities of each team member.
project managers step 3
  • Project risks and impediments: The implementation phases of any project are associated with risks or impediments in one way or another. In this item of the project charter, these risks and impediments are clarified and described so that the work team can prepare precautionary measures to eliminate them and proceed with the implementation of the project. The project risks or impediments are clarified and described as follows:
    • Write a description of the danger or obstacle
    • Determining the impact as well as choosing the possibility of the risk occurring
    • Choose the responsible employee
  • Project assumptions: Assumptions for any project are predictions of emergency requirements that may arise during project implementation and must be written in the project charter so that the work team is not surprised by any developments that may occur while they are not ready for them or have not been restricted in the project budget and costs.
  • Resources required for the project: Determine the resources (financial and human) required to implement the project. Human resources usually comprise the project manager and the rest of the work team. The resources required for the project differ in terms of their nature, internal or external: –
    • Internal resources: a task assigned to a specific company employee related to the required resources.
    • External Resources: The required resource type is defined as documentation in the project charter without assignment.
  • Project Governance: Project governance includes an organisational structure for the project’s internal and external team and resources, the distribution of roles and responsibilities to ensure the achievement of the project’s objectives by its performance indicators and to reduce risks or obstacles as much as possible to a minimum.

The resource planning system – Logix ERP provides innovative tools designed with the latest programming technologies. These tools work within an integrated approach to automate business processes consistently and homogeneously with the automation of digital processes. They are based on best practices in this field. Implementation is carried out through a cadre of consultants with experience in analysing business and digital processes, then proposing what is best for the workflow in a simplified and more efficient manner.

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