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Who we are?

Logix Company for Information Technology was established in 2013 BC. Since its inception, the company has succeeded in various sectors and with various bodies and institutions by providing solutions in resource planning and public and private institutions. Over the course of 10 years, the business witnessed growth and expansion; consequently, the number of employees and branches of the company increased, and the company succeeded in providing its services to its customers.

The company currently offers services in four countries worldwide (e.g., Saudi Arabia – the main centre, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Oman). The company seeks to expand and achieve success in more Arab countries.

The company has three branches in Saudi Arabia; the main branch of it is located in Al-Riyadh city, the second is in Jeddah City, and the third is in Dammam City.

The company also has many other branches in the Arab countries.

Branches of the Company

Al-Olayya Neighbourhood – Al-Khalidiyah Southern Tower.

Phone (0112471070)


Al-Nakhil Neighbourhood – Clock Tower

Phone (0138176446)


Al-Andalus Neighbourhood – Nujood Center

Phone (920003759)


New Egypt _ in front of the Military Academy

Phone (0227744196)


Providing innovative and reliable technical services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers and creating an environment that supports entrepreneurship through professional teams and in line with the National Vision 2030.

The vision

To be among the five leading institutions in the field of information technology and systems making in the Kingdom


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the value and goal that we seek by all means.

Responsibility and achievement

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility towards our customers and quickly accomplish what has been agreed upon.

Creativity and Innovation

We innovate technical solutions to meet whichever needs and aspirations of our customers.

Continuous Improvement:

Because we are in the world of technology, we must constantly develop our products in line with technological development and the needs of our customers.

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