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Logix System for Property Management

property Management System

The Company of Standard Solutions for Information Technology provides professional solutions and services to improve, facilitate and develop business. These solutions help decision-makers to make appropriate decisions.

The Property Management System is considered one of the most important resource planning solutions for Logix, as the system provides a comprehensive and complete solution for real estate property management easily and intelligently. The system is linked with other systems provided by the Logix system, such as financial management , human resources and workflow systems.

This system helps in the management of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, as it provides all services related to property management, including tenant data, issuance of lease contracts, follow-up of payments, issuance of real estate claims, collecting payments, as well as managing and following up maintenance requests, evictions of real estate units, tracking vacancies, renewing contracts, and many other services needed for this activity.


header-shape Logix System for Properties Management Services

1.Real Estates Units Registration

The system allows you to create your real estate with plans, floors, and real estate complexes hierarchically so that the main real estate is first added, and then the units are listed under each real estate so that all real estate is managed from one place.

The system also allows you to classify the property (e.g., villa, showroom, tower, rest house, apartment, station, offices, …etc.).

Besides, there is a possibility of mapping the location of the real estate; the system may allow the addition of the real estate within any country and in any city on the map, specify: the branch of the company responsible for this real estate and the collection officer, and may link this real estate to the finance department and the cost centre in which all revenues and expenses are linked.

In managing the property of others, this will require adding the owner to the property, providing the advantage of electronic archiving to lift the instrument for the property and any other documents, and adding the electricity and water meter number.

In event of the availability of additional characteristics of the property, the system provides the possibility of adding other properties to the property, such as (availability of parking lots – number of rooms – number of toilets – and others according to the type of property) in addition to linking the real estate unit to the fixed assets in the financial management.

2.Management of Real Estates Units

There is a complete record of real estate unit information that facilitates the retrieval of data and the status of the units- whether they are vacant, occupied, or under maintenance- in colours, where each colour represents a specific case.

3.Types of Real Estate

Unlimited real estate types include Villas – galleries – Towers – Rest houses – Apartments – Stations – Offices – and others.

4.Villas – galleries – Towers – Rest houses – Apartments – Stations – Offices – and others.

Issuing lease contracts, each contract according to its terms, the calendar feature, whether in Gregorian or Hijri and the possibility of making a contract for more than one real estate unit. With the inclusion of insurance, office courier, and other additions, as well as the value-added tax, linking the contract to the contract number in the rental system and distributing the payments, whether equal, flexible, or increasing, with the possibility of automatically renewing the contract.

Renewal of lease contracts based on the previous contract or a new agreement.

Printing Lease Contracts The system allows adding more than one lease contract template to be printed on.

Archive the lease contract after it is signed by the tenant.

5.Follow-up of Payments and Issuance of Claims (Invoices)

Following up the unpaid payments by the collectors, each collector, according to the real estate they are in charge of, so that they convert the amount into a claim to be sent to the tenant through the e-mail registered in the tenant’s data as well as notifying him with a text message.

Displaying the payments due to each collector based on the current period. These apparent payments are based on the contract signed with the tenant, whether monthly, semi-annual or annual.

6.Rent Payment

A receipt voucher for the paid payments is issued based on the reasons for the payment to the tenant, and the system will create a different colour for the paid payments and delete them directly from the payments follow-up table due to their payment.

7.Real Estate Clearance

In case the tenant wishes to vacate the real estate unit, the system will provide them with a set of options for clearance based on the agreement, and each of the options has its equations based on which the system calculates the remaining dues of the tenant.

8.Maintenance Requests

The real estate official can send a maintenance request for the estimated cost unit of the request and the type of maintenance, such as (plumbing – electricity – etc.). This request will go through a documentary cycle for approval. After approval, the applicant will raise the actual costs, and the system will calculate the difference between the estimated and the actual.

9.Reports & Dashboardm

The system is equipped with a set of reports through which the user can quickly access information.

Among the most important reports are:

Debt ages.

Lease report.

Report of the payments due.

A report of vacant real estate units.

Cash flow.

Account statements such as (a rented account statement – a real estate account statement – a real estate unit account statement – and many others).

Dashboard stating the occupancy, vacancy, collections, total revenue and rent for each real estate unit.

10.Extra Services

Sending automatic messages to tenants through the system before the due date to notifying them of the payment date.

Full archiving of all contract documents and claims.

Issuing automatic claims and sending them by e-mail to the tenant.

Seal and electronic signature of contracts if desired.

Full archive of all tenants’ documents from a commercial registry, identities, licenses, etc.

User notifications, whether near the end of contracts or payment dates.

The mobile application lets the collector follow payments from anywhere and issue bonds.

See real estate on the map.

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