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Integrated Management System for Law Firms

Centralized Legal Management System

Managing cases and consulting and keeping their documents in any form.

Sessions for each case / consultation.

A version compatible with mobile devices and smartphones.

Assigning tasks and tasks within the case and / or independently.

Performance measurement staff

A statement of work and submitted to the client based on what was entered by the lawyer or consultant.

Integrated financial and accounting system with fixed asset management.

An integrated system of human resources, personnel and personnel

Disconnect devices directly to the system.

The search feature in the program is easy and flexible.

Reports on work in the Office can be read in several ways.

Record working hours on cases and link them to invoices and employee performance.

Record appointments and reminders of meetings.

Ability to grant access and / or access and / or amendment to cases, documents and tasks and the accounting and human resources.

Unlimited number of users at the same time.

Works via the Internet.

Does not require any equipment on the staff.

Integrated archiving system.

Schedule and alerts.

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