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Really, Who Make illegal Big Stick in the Gears of Equipment Management?
Really, Who Make illegal Big Stick in the Gears of Equipment Management?

discover | Saturday - 30 / 03 / 2024 - 10:34 pm

In the fast-paced manufacturing world, using technology of equipment management and production units is more than just an option. It has become a compass that will determine the future of your industrial facility forever!

Today’s blog takes you on an exploratory journey of the biggest challenges you face in the field of industrial facility management, and you will learn how to overcome these challenges using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Is inventory management considered as the biggest problem for industrial facilities?

Yes, and that’s why we talked about it in a separate blog post. But there are other problems as well, and perhaps they are no less challenging than the problem of inventory management as they are not problems that simply limit the growth of your facility, but they also affect profitability!

The complicated environment of equipment and production units management

Take, for example, the difficulties involved in managing data for all of your assets including machines. You may be dealing with a variety of machines, each with its own maintenance schedule. Here, in order to make informed decisions, it is necessary to integrate this wealth of information into a cohesive system.

On the other hand, if you are still following a traditional management approach. This means that you are likely to face the problem of data conflicting when sharing data stored in your multiple technical solutions.

The difficulty of allocating resources for maintenance duties

We are talking about a “fleet” of equipment and machines that operate non-stop. Which require regular maintenance to avoid unexpected problems and extend their lifespan. Can you imagine how difficult it is to allocate resources for these duties if you do everything manually?

Poor spare parts inventory management

Errors in spare parts inventory management cost you thousands of dollars [literally]. This due to the complexity of spare parts specifications and the variety of their models. Errors become inevitable if your team members are still using an outdated system. The worst can happen if your team members write down important information. Which related to spare parts specifications on pieces of paper!

How to Effectively and Consistently Deal with Equipment Management Challenges

Traditional off-the-shelf software solutions are not enough. Industrial-specific ERP systems, like ours. Where our system can help you overcome the challenges we just discussed and turn your daily operational issues into success stories.

Equipment Management Unifying the overall operations

Data consolidation into a single system simplifies operations, making it easy for your teams to access data – wherever they are – and then update and use it effectively (and this takes your facility to the next level of success).

Equipment Management Reducing the downtime to the minimum

Nothing is more disastrous than a sudden breakdown in the middle of an order, right? Unplanned downtime can cause significant damage to your productivity, budget, and your company’s reputation.

However, thanks to the predictive maintenance capabilities supported by data analytics within the Logix system, such a common downtime scenario becomes a thing of the past.

By using our system for industrial facilities, you can seamlessly collect data from remote sensors installed on your assets and equipment, and predict when a component might fail. This foresight allows for scheduled maintenance, preventing costly breakdowns, and ensuring that projects stay on track

Equipment Management

With Equipment Management Your decisions will be data-driven

Imagine a situation where you need to make a critical decision within the scope of equipment management within your facility; for example, the choice between scrapping, replacing, or maintaining a piece of equipment. In the past, such a decision was largely based on your gut instinct (which is supported by limited data). However, today, thanks to advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can let our industrial facilities system take care of it. Having comprehensive insights into equipment usage, maintenance history, and performance metrics empowers you to make informed and accurate decisions, which means managing your equipment optimally.

In addition, we also understand the critical importance of compliance in equipment maintenance. Keeping up with regulations and policies can be a daunting task. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems come to your rescue by providing powerful tracking and reporting features, helping you ensure that your maintenance activities are compliant with regulatory requirements, and here you will feel with your peace of mind.

Our industrial facilities system acts as a catalyst, transforming the management landscape into an environment of streamlined operations, effective maintenance, and data-driven decisions, propelling your industrial facility towards unprecedented success.

Isn’t there a better system than ours for industrial facilities?

We understand your concern. Investing in a large-scale project like adopting an ERP system is not easy. You need to make sure that your entire industrial facility will benefit from the investment. For this reason, we have considered many factors when designing our system for managing equipment and production units.

Scalability and Customization

Scalability is an important aspect to consider as your company grows and your product line evolves. We have made sure that our system can adapt smoothly to accommodate these changes. In addition, the customization options within the Logix system play a central role in aligning the system with your specific requirements, ensuring that the system becomes an asset to you.

Stunning Integration Capabilities

Effective equipment management goes beyond the ERP system itself. For example, you need to assess the integration capabilities of every technological solution your organization adopts. In today’s interconnected world, integrating IoT technologies like the aforementioned remote monitoring devices is no longer a unique feature, but rather a standard. Real-time equipment monitoring within the Logix system, made possible by IoT integration, provides invaluable insights, helping you proactively manage maintenance and optimize resource allocation.

User-friendly interface

To ensure task simplification for our customers and achieve a smoother transition, we have made sure that our equipment and production unit management system not only has a user-friendly interface, but some of our customers have even described it as “intuitive”!

In addition, we provide the necessary training and support resources so that your team can take full advantage of Logix ERP’s capabilities.

The system is fully cloud-based!

Is this an advantage? Of course yes!

By using Logix cloud-based industrial facilities system, you no longer need servers, which saves on general maintenance costs. When your company expands, our system is scalable to meet your needs without spending any money to configure your system.

In addition, many industrial facilities, regardless of their size, are considering adopting cloud-based ERP systems to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Better business continuity through.
  • Improved security and increased data availability.
  • Save money on licenses and maintenance costs.
  • Easy access to important data for field teams using mobile devices.

Stay competitive with us

Adopting Logix system for industrial facilities is your gateway to increase the efficiency, reduce downtime, and manage equipment in a smarter way. With built-in scalability, customizations, and seamless integration with existing software and IoT technology, our system meets the critical needs of keeping up with a fast-paced industrial activities.

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