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How can ERP systems save your company’s reputation?
How can ERP systems save your company’s reputation?

discover | Monday - 18 / 12 / 2023 - 9:43 pm

How can ERP save company`s Eng

Everyone makes mistakes, but some of them can be devastating. Or in lighter terms: the domino effect; A simple error in the work environment – such as a sales representative entering the wrong order number and the warehouse shipping a product that the customer did not order – may affect aspects of your company, its customer service, and even the reputation of your company!
Unreliable data resulting from manual entry errors is one of the most common problems organizations face today.

Fortunately, Logix ERP systems can act as the hero that saves your company from errors caused by manual input.

But before we talk about the ways Logix ERP automation can eliminate manual entry, here are some reasons why employees make mistakes,

Why do employees make mistakes?

Your employees, whether new or experienced, can make mistakes for several reasons:

Lack of clarity of instructions. Your employees may be as innocent as the wolf of Joseph’s blood; You may think your instructions – or the instructions of department managers – are clear, but language often betrays us in real life, so what about in professional life where powers differ?!

Take shortcuts. Under the pressure of a work schedule, an employee may cut back a step or two in the workflow, with the goal of getting more done (and perhaps earning the title of “Employee of the Month”). Forgetting that the existence of the project planning department is not in vain!

Wrong entry. As a result of oversight, fatigue, or rush, or the employee is performing so many manual tasks that he or she may inadvertently make an error while trying to keep up. He may enter information into the wrong document while trying to rush to complete a task, or he may accidentally slip his finger and press the wrong number key.

The mundane, repetitive, boring nature of tasks. Your employees find themselves easily distracted, and then they end up making mistakes.

Different personalities of employees. An employee with an introverted personality deals with complex tasks differently than an employee with an extroverted personality. When not everyone follows standard procedures, the likelihood of making mistakes increases.

How Logix ERP systems save you from all this

Let’s face it, with all the systems, interfaces, and processes they have to deal with, it’s almost impossible for your employees to deliver perfect work all the time.
However, when we integrate all information into one platform, and automate as many procedures and tasks as possible through ERP, this will certainly contribute to reducing manual entry errors.

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By using automation in Logix ERP systems, you can prevent errors before they happen and bring about a qualitative shift in your workplace on various levels:

Relieve headache.

Yes, you read it right!
Imagine eliminating the hassle of manual entry of repetitive tasks (such as invoicing, inventory updates, reminder calls, shipping notices, etc.) by automating them. Do you feel comfortable now?

Automatic updates…so automatic

You will no longer have to disrupt your workflow under the pretext of “system update”, as Logix ERP systems automatically update your systems including those responsible for inventory, logistics, shipping and order fulfillment.

Preserving human and non-human resources!

Manual entry requires an employee, right? Well, we will not talk about the amount of fatigue that he may experience from frequent entries, because we know that you are not overburdening the employee. Rather, we will talk about his poor computer, that machine that works for long hours, and may think – with reservations about the word “thinking” – of suddenly “going on strike”!
Then, recovering data on the device will become a nightmare for the entire company.

Promoting remote work

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of remote work. Logix’s automated ERP solutions enable businesses to keep things running smoothly, allowing employees to access and update data remotely.
No one doubts the importance of this flexibility for the continuity of companies during difficult times.

Enhancing communication between employees

Contrary to what some people think, automation will not reduce communication between employees. In fact, ERP systems enhance internal communications between your company’s departments.

Instead of each employee having their own input, with all your information on one platform, your employees will focus on communicating to correct errors as they occur and provide better service to your customers.

Because information management is automated, your employees or departments don’t need to go through tedious, manual permissions to access the data they need.

End waste and poisoning!

It is obvious that poisoning occurs as a result of consuming an expired or spoiled product, but how does this happen? Simply put, when someone makes a mistake in keeping track of expiration dates on perishable products!

On the other hand, someone may fear that the product will run out, so they send purchase orders (not based on accurate statistics), which leads to the product becoming stagnant.

Thus, the company is caught between the “jaws of pincers” from which there is no escape except through automation.

Using integrated ERP systems helps business owners – by taking advantage of automatic reordering – to eliminate waste/shortage resulting from manual entry errors.

Preserving the environment

In a world searching for more sustainable and environmentally friendly business models, Logix ERP systems are starring.

Automation of ERP systems processes moves data processing from paper to digital platforms. This shift dramatically reduces the need for paper, reducing stationery costs and the manpower required for manual entry.

Encouraging ambition

Maybe you are thinking about adding new services/products, and brought up the idea during the weekly meeting.
Most likely, this will be your employees’ reaction after the meeting

Unless you are relying on the “extensive” ERP systems that can accommodate the needs of growing organizations; ERP systems can handle increasing data volumes and more complex workflows as an organization expands.

Victory over personal whims

What if the employee responsible for manually entering customer data is a temperamental person? He doesn’t like the tone of a potential client’s speech, so he refuses to register his information?

This may seem shocking to you, but it happens.. Believe us!

In contrast, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature within ERP systems automates the tracking and management of potential customers, collecting potential customer data from various sources, referring them to your company’s sales team, and tracking the progress of the process within the sales funnel.

Sales staff can also use CRM tools to schedule follow-up activities and track customer interactions. And even use chatbots for initial interactions with customers, improving customer service efficiency.

Finally, these are just examples. The automation capabilities of ERP systems may be limitless!

A word of sincerity

Human errors in the workplace are probably inevitable. However, companies that use ERP automation significantly reduce the frequency of errors and reap the benefits of increased productivity. If you would like to learn more about how your company can benefit from ERP automation,

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