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New Release of Logix ERP – Logix X2022 ERP
Logix ERP
New Release of Logix ERP – Logix X2022 ERP

discover | Sunday - 05 / 11 / 2023 - 4:49 am

Launching the development version of the Logix ERP system – X 2022

Up to the responsibility that drives us to achieve, develop and produce the best to keep pace with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, and our total commitment to exert more and more effort in the development and modernisation processes, the LOGIX team always strives to bring out the latest digital and technical practices and provide the best consulting and competitive advantages in the business world through the continuous modernisation and development of the ERP system – LOGIX.

In this sense, our appointment was with the new and developed version of Logix, launched in September 2022 and with the new name: (Logix ERP X 2022)

The new version is characterised by several features and qualitative additions that were collected and arranged during the last period from several axes for the LOGIX work teams, which worked in the spirit of one team, which are four axes as follows:

  • The first axis is a customer service team – Logix: Where the customer service and technical support team collected all the points that our current customers – digital success partners – aspire to be in the development version of Logix X 2022 based on the principle that our customer is the basis for any success and that our role as a local service provider with all our customers is the role of the partner consultant in the path of this success.
  • The second axis is the sales and marketing team – Logix: In every visit or meeting that the sales and marketing team makes to targeted customers or new sales opportunities, we were keen to study the market and competitors, whether local competitors or global competitors, such as:
  • SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, Odoo, … etc. ERP’s Systems In addition to holding webinars and conducting electronic surveys, the sales and marketing team obtained a full clarification of the most important points that pose real challenges for the team with competitors.
  • The third axis is the development and research team – LOGIX: The development team studied everything that was collected from the customer service team and the sales and marketing team, and under the direct supervision of the executive management, everything that was required to be implemented and prepared in the new development version – LOGIX – X 2022 was organised, arranged, and prioritised.
  • The fourth axis is the Quality Management and Testing Team – LOGIX: After receiving the copy from the development team, the quality management team carried out the required testing processes for the new version. It subjected it to international standards in quality and standards. After extensive work from the quality management and raising notes to the development team, and the development team’s response to the required quality modification, a ready copy was reached per international standards. At that time, the executive management decided to launch work with the new version, through which we aspire to meet all aspirations and gain the satisfaction of our customers, and transform all challenges facing the team into real opportunities.
  • Inauguration conference: And under the slogan #Together_towards_the_prime and Vision 2030, a meeting was held to launch Logix ERP X 2022, the development version of Logix systems, in Riyadh on September 11, 2022, in the presence of success partners from Logix customers who honoured us with their attendance at this conference. At the inauguration conference, words of welcome were delivered by Logix executive management and expressions of thanks for the honourable presence of the customers. In addition, the customers’ interventions and participations were heard, most of which included words of praise and thanks to Logix executive management for its keenness to invite them to participate in this important event and to consolidate the partnership relationship and the march of digital success within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In addition to reviewing the features of the new system version, the most important of which are summarised below.

The most essential features in the Logix ERP X 2022 version:

  • A new and distinct look with ease of use based on the latest technologies (UI and UX Design) in designing user interfaces to improve the face of the system so that the system appears distinctly, as this point was one of the most important points raised by the Logix team (Customer Service Department, Sales and Marketing Department) in response to the requests of our customers and success partners during the last period.
  • Multiple design templates or themes to give the user the ability to change the appearance of the system according to their wish (e.g., the colours of screens and menus to the possibility of changing the day and night mode)
  • Linking and integrating with many government systems, including (the Muqeem platform – Madad platform – Social Insurance)
  • Developing many new sub-systems, namely:
    • Digital Business Partners Portal
    • Digital Customers Portal
    • Point of Sales (Online – Offline)
    • Objective Strategic Plan Management
    • Corporate and Companies Governance
  • Developing many applications available in the Apple Store and Google Play, including:
    • Logix X Sales application
    • Logix X Client application
  • Updates of recent local laws and regulations
  • Security improvements to meet cyber security requirements
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