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How human resources management systems protect you from quiet resignation
How human resources management systems protect you from quiet resignation

discover | Tuesday - 19 / 12 / 2023 - 9:03 pm

Many companies are struggling to fill vacancies amid a sluggish labor market, so we understand that retaining hard-to-replace talent is a top priority for HR departments.

Despite all efforts to reduce it…

The rates of “quiet resignation” are still increasing!

Why? The answer is in a new study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), which found that “bad” managers have a devastating impact on these efforts.

According to the study, 82% of managers held their positions “by chance.” They have not received any formal training and appear ill-equipped to deal with the difficulties of managing people. Worse: 28% of survey respondents admitted to leaving a job in the past [because of a negative relationship with a manager].

“If I’m being hard on you, it’s only because you made a mistake.”

When Monica Geller said this phrase in “Friends”; A laugh followed. But in reality, it’s not funny at all! Bad managers often make this type of comment.

Let us state up front that we literally hate bad managers. We know hate is a strong word but we hate their arrogance and the “silos” they create, but most of all, we hate the damage they do to employees who work hard and deserve better.

It goes without saying that it is a matter of concern. The last thing your HR person needs – in light of the alarming skills shortage within an already shrinking workforce – is employees leaving due to the actions (or lack thereof) of their managers!

The damage it could cause

It is important to note that the cumulative damage a bad manager can do can, in some cases, exceed 10 times their annual salary! One study reported that 40% of managers were bad, and we must admit that even if only one in ten were bad managers, the damage would be significant.

But what do human resources management systems have to do with all this?!

We understand where your disapproval comes from; The common idea about human resources management systems is that:

A database of employee information.
Simplifies payroll management, pay changes, timesheets, and tracking employee hours.
It displays employees’ personal information, makes it easy to make changes, and simplifies the process of submitting leave requests.
But what my friend does not know is that you can benefit from human resources software to collect, analyze and interpret employee data, and thus gain valuable insights into whether bad managers in your company are negatively affecting your great efforts to reduce the quiet resignation of outstanding employees.

Here are the basic measures you should take:

Gather your employees’ opinions

HR management systems that include pulse survey functionality can be your ace in collecting regular and targeted feedback. This is because it provides regular and timely answers from employees to important questions, such as “I feel supported by my direct manager,” “I would recommend others to work at (name of your company),” or “I feel comfortable providing my opinions and feedback to my manager.”

Additionally, pulse surveys, along with annual engagement surveys and other engagement initiatives, help you measure your employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Compare your organization’s engagement results for teams managed by different individuals to determine if there is a correlation between low engagement and specific managers.

With all the employee-driven insights, you’ll have no difficulty quickly identifying management issues, their potential impact on employee retention efforts, and you’ll be in a better position to take preventive measures for quiet quits.

Analyze employee performance evaluations and associated data

Most HR systems come with integrated performance management software. So, perhaps it’s time to identify bad managers by highlighting patterns and trends in performance evaluations and opinions of specific managers. For example:

Are there persistent declines in performance or negative opinions associated with some managers?
Did the appointment of a new manager – who is proud of his accomplishments – lead to a decline in employee performance?
Also look for analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and productivity metrics for teams managed by different individuals. This will allow you to check for differences in performance that can be attributed to ineffective or poor management methods.

Integrated performance management modules provide both HR professionals and managers with a complete picture of why employees may not be performing at their best.

Track employee turnover rates

In fairness, high turnover rates within certain teams may or may not be an indicator of poor management practices. Sometimes, your employees may quit for deeper reasons (related to employee engagement, compensation, or company culture).

However, in any case, modern human resources systems include advanced analytical tools that help you track employee turnover rates more accurately and easily.

Monitor absenteeism and unaccounted leave rates

Absences and sudden leaves are a classic silent revolution method for employees who are dissatisfied with their managers, their management practices, or even feel marginalized in their jobs.

With an HR system equipped with an integrated absence management program, you will not have difficulty tracking employee absence rates – in teams led by specific managers – and sick leave levels with extreme accuracy.

Remember to conduct exit interviews

Sometimes, we have to accept the reality; Your employee will resign in search of a better future or a more interesting challenge elsewhere.

Your regret may make you forget that an exit interview with departing employees is a vital opportunity to gather important feedback and opinions from your employees. After all, they will be more inclined to offer their honest opinions about their experiences in the workplace; Including the question of whether

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