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Time and Attendance System – Logix ERP
Logix ERP
Time and Attendance System – Logix ERP

discover | Sunday - 05 / 11 / 2023 - 7:07 pm

Managing employee time and tracking it, and then preparing the salary, allowances, deductions or deductions according to the employee’s working hours, attendance and departure from work, constitutes an integral part of the tasks of human resources management in all enterprises of all sizes (small, medium and large in length), most of which have moved from manual preparation that requires time and great effort and the accompanying errors, to electronic preparation that depends on transparency, accuracy and speed.

And in the digital transformation era and with the expansion of the activities and branches of enterprises and companies, new requirements and needs, such as contracting with employees to work remotely or fieldwork, especially for firms that implement field projects.

As a result of all these reasons and keeping pace with the digital transformation, it has become very important to implement modern cloud attendance systems and programs.

The Logix Cloud ERP system is the ideal solution for automating and managing staff time and tracking employee attendance and departure times during and outside the basic working hours according to the approved work regulations prepared and prepared in advance in the Logix system.

And through intelligent tools, the Logix system facilitates the tasks of human resources management in following up on the attendance and departure times of employees and issuing timesheets reports for the various administrative levels in the organisational structure of the facility with several available options, and then posting them to payroll statements or salary streams to approve dues and financial deductions.

The attendance and departure system settings – LOGIX begins to specify specific criteria such as:

  • Overtime calculation policy (an hour = an hour and a half, for example)
  • Preparing to apply the punishments of the late
  • Setting the beginning and end of the working month (e.g., it starts on the 1st and ends on the 28th)
  • Processing and setting up shifts Check in – Check out Time Shifts –
  • Flexible Shift Application
  • Preparation GPS sites – preparation attendance based on a geographical area defined by GPS coordinates so that the employee cannot prepare unless he is in a specific place or geographical location (such as a project site, for example)

The LOGIX attendance and departure system also supports more than one method for employees to mark attendance: these include:

  • Marking attendance Electronically via the self-service system
  • Marking attendance by Biometric Fingerprint Machines
  • Marking attendance from the Logix SS application (Android and IOS).

Logix ERP system is based on the latest smart technologies in human resources management and provides all the tools required to facilitate and simplify daily work procedures and functions. The human resources system – Logix consists of several HRMS Modules integrated, namely:

  • Employees Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Attendance & Departure
  • Reports
  • Recruitment
  • Vacations
  • Employee Cost
  • Insurance
  • Custodies
  • Provisions
  • Employees Tasks Assignment
  • Self-Services

We also rely on an engineering team that applies the best practices in implementation, training and professional after-sales services, in addition to continuous development and updating in line with applicable labour laws and regulations.

Human Resources Management System – Logix is linked and compatible with the rest of Logix units and systems such as (financial and accounts system – project system – task management system – self-service system -…etc).

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