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LOGIX ERP delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses require in their ERP System

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LOGIX ERP delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses require in their ERP System

More than 100 features in a Single ERP. Review some of the great features.


Logix delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses require in their ERP System

More than 450 features in a Single ERP. Review some of the great features.

Access Multiple Apps in a Single Sign On

LOGIX supports SSO where User can login with a single ID & Password to gain access on multiple Systems.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Platforms

We offer Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud platforms to store Data so it can be accessed from any where.

LOGIX ERP Supports Smart Phones - Devices

You can manage everything from your Smart Device while you are on the road , at work or even at home.

Blend with advanced Security & Protection

All modules are equipped with Advanced Security and Protection. It is full encrypted with SSL and possess Backup capabilities.

Inexpensive Solution with No Setup Cost

Without setup cost and not required any special Hardware. You only need a Browser to start working on LOGIX

LOGIX Compatible With Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

LOGIX Compatible With Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority for Zakar and Income Departement. It is completely supported by Value Added Tax ( VAT ) account.

We offers 24/7/365 Days Technical Support

Technical Support is available through different channels like by Emails, or by Generating Online Tickets of even on phone.

Can Extend upto Multiple Branches & Companies

LOGIX can connect all of your Companies and Branches in a Safe & Secured way so updated Information will be available to every one.

Anyone can use it because Its Easy to Adapt

LOGIX is very easy to use and anyone with some basic knowledge of computer can use it. LOGIX is adaptable and very simple to Manage.

Intelligence for Tomorrow. Its Fast & Flexible

LOGIX has Super powers! Fast as a bullet and can grow as big as you need it to. There is no limit on creating Users, Branches, Assetts in one account.

Protects your Files & Data with 1 Click Backup

Information and Data is vital for any company so keeping that thing in mind, 1 Click Backup is available. You can take Backup of your Data and Restore any time.

LOGIX ERP can managed Any Industry or Activity

LOGIX is made to support all kind of Industries and Activities. Either you are a Retail Business or Manufacturing or even offering Services, LOGIX is for you.

Highly Compatible with Saudi & GCC Market

LOGIX is designed with consideration of GCC and Saudi Arabia market requirements.

Always responds with Detailed Reporting

LOGIX offers detailed Reporting. You can export reporting files for printing in different formats.

LOGIX ERP is Free for Instant Download

Logix can be downloaded free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play.

Integrating With E-Commerce Platforms

Integrating Logix With Most E-commerce Platforms (Zid - Salla - Magento...ect.)

Financial Management

Accounting Module to Streamline your Financial Operations, Income & Expenses.

Learn More
HR Management

Cloud Based HR Module to Ensure the Easy Management of Human Resources.

Learn More
Project Management

Tool for every Team Member so they can collaborate and work together on projects.

Learn More

Manage Customer Data and Dominate Business Relationship with our end-to-end Customer Management System.

Learn More
Real Estate Management

Monitor your Properties from any where. It has different user roles like Admin, Agents and Property Owners.

Learn More
Manufacturing and Production

Track Production Progress in One system. Create bills of material , Manufacturing Resource Planning, work jobs and more.

Learn More
Warehouse Management

Real Time Inventory Data to Control Supply Chain and Warehouse Operations.

Learn More
Sales Management

Organize Sales information efficiently by Tracking Leads, Manage Contacts and Sales Processes.

Learn More
Self Services

Interactive system to empower Users so they can easily access Information & perform personal Tasks.

Learn More
Procurement Management

Easy Assets Management System to facilitate users in Purchasing , Planning , Record keeping & Administration Tasks.

Learn More
Equipment Management

Freight Intelligence that enables companies to capitalize on supply chain opportunities in order to serve customers efficien.

Learn More
Point of Sale

Point-of-Sale solutions for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Mobile Businesses, Pharmacies, Warehouses and many more.

Learn More
Legal Services

Web-based, Centralized Legal Management System designed to meet the specific needs of Legal services providers to facilitates their clients.

Learn More
Installments System

Our World Class Installment system easily manage the installment operations, payment of installments, issuance of bills, contracts etc.

Learn More
Property Appraisal System

Property Evaluation or Land Valuation is the key feature of the system. Support for different Market Value options are available.

Learn More
Maintenance Management

A fully responsive Mobile Maintenance Management Software that’s simple yet darn powerful.

Learn More
Tasks Management

Visually organize user’s Tasks, Tasks tracking, Tasks progress Monitoring for Groups or Individuals.

Learn More

About Standard Solutions for I.T

Standard solutions for IT Standard solutions for IT began its work from the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, in the activity of providing Technical Solutions, ERP Consulting, Web Designing , Web Development Solutions and Innovation in E-Marketing. Our ERP system is capable of managing several administrative Areas independently with great Reports. Standard Solutions provide unique services and non-traditional Businesses and institutions in the field of E-Marketing and E-Commerce.

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