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Can a warehouse and warehouse management system protect you from customer anger?
Can a warehouse and warehouse management system protect you from customer anger?

discover | Wednesday - 03 / 01 / 2024 - 12:18 am

In the past, warehouses and warehouses were simply “stations” where products were placed before being shipped to customers. If someone asks you how storage affects customer service. I was surprised by his question…but it seems that the world is developing faster than we imagine!

warehouse ERP

With the explosive growth of e-commerce, there has been a radical shift in the role that warehouses and distribution centers play in the customer experience. It has become extremely important to choose a warehouse and warehouse management system that moves your full focus from simply storing goods to delivering them to the hands of customers honestly and accurately.

The role of the warehouse and warehouse management system in serving your customers

It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind, but warehouse management plays a prominent role in sophisticated customer service. If you’re looking to deliver an exceptional customer experience, start with the user interface or sales experience.

But, don’t forget that it’s just the beginning; Once the sale is made, it’s up to your logistics department to deliver on what they promised.

In today’s fast-paced society, one thing stands out among all the other critical factors when buyers make a purchasing decision: convenience.
Yes, elements like the price of the product also play a role, but most customers are willing to make some compromises if it means making the purchasing process smooth, convenient and hassle-free.

Improving your supply chain to ensure you can meet customer orders will put your business ahead of the competition, improving your customer service levels and helping you achieve your business goals.

This brings us back to the title question, specifically to its part: the reasons for customer anger, and the solutions provided by warehouse and warehouse management systems, which guarantee you distinguished customer service.

The requested product is not available

Your customer may be reluctant to see the above statement before ordering, but certainly not after ordering!

A warehouse and warehouse management system gives you a clearer picture of what you have and what you need, with real-time data on your stock levels. This makes inventory management nearly seamless and improves your customer experience.

Don’t forget: Customers want accurate information from companies they trust, and when you have tighter control over your inventory, it will save you time and money, which can provide peace of mind that you can pass on to your customers.

Excuse me. It will take an eternity for your order to be delivered.

This is how the customer sees it if his order is delayed!

Better warehouse management means faster order fulfillment. So, today we find e-commerce giants promising customers next-day (and sometimes even same-day) delivery. Let’s be realistic; You may not be able to compete with them. But you can still deliver orders as quickly as possible and always deliver on your promises.

If your warehouse is cluttered, or you lack real-time visibility into your supply chain, getting your products quickly to your customers will be nearly impossible. It becomes necessary for you to use an effective warehouse and warehouse management system, which ensures that you provide the fast service that your customers expect. is not it?

This package is not mine!

Everyone loves surprises, but not everyone!
It goes without saying that customers don’t want any package arriving at their doorstep. Rather, they want exactly what they ordered, and for it to arrive without damage, of course. But when a customer receives the wrong product or it is damaged during delivery, you will surely lose their future trust.

Providing an incorrect product also puts the customer service team under great pressure. They have to apologize, cover up, and sometimes face the customer’s wrath. Additionally, erroneous and repetitive deliveries can cause irreparable damage to your brand reputation.

A warehouse and warehouse management system reduces common errors in the assembly and packaging process. It also helps you ensure that products are handled with care to reduce the possibility of damage.

We apologize for the return or exchange!

Despite your best efforts during the order fulfillment process, the possibility of returns remains. In fact, up to 20% of products purchased online are returned for various reasons (colour difference or size not fitting (in clothing) – lack of desire for the product, for example).

How you handle reverse logistics  can impact customer experience as well; When you handle returns efficiently and make the process easy for customers, they’ll be more likely to do business with you again in the future.

How does Logix warehouse and warehouse management system put a smile on the faces of your customers?

By keeping them informed

Everyone hates waiting, so what if the duration is unknown!

Thanks to the automation of order updates – such as dispatch, transportation or delivery – provided by the Logix warehouse and warehouse management system, your customers will be fully informed of the status of their orders.

By putting them in the center of attention

As Murphy’s Law indicates:

If something can go wrong, it will

This is especially true for companies that deal with a large number of orders; There has to be a glitch somewhere. In the event that a customer’s order is damaged or lost during the ordering process, having a warehouse and stock management system able to give you a ‘backup plan’, where you replace the product or send a replacement before the delivery date, will all show customers that you have your full attention.
This is what the Logix system provides for warehouse and warehouse management.

By giving them the best alternatives

Change is the only constant, as they say.
Responsible employees in your warehouses may come and go, and international shipping regulations may change, but this shift should not affect the way your company is run. With the real-time product status update system provided by Logix Warehouse and Warehouse Management System, you can anticipate change and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, as well as predict how this change will affect you.

By meeting their complex requests

With custom products being a huge part of any market, meeting…

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