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How did our system earn the title of “Best HR System”?
How did our system earn the title of “Best HR System”?

discover | Wednesday - 24 / 04 / 2024 - 9:19 pm

How did our system earn the title of “Best HR System”? It wasn’t walk in the park!

The significance of the HR department and its personnel in the success of any enterprise is undeniable. More precisely, the HR department is regarded as the enterprise’s arm, which responsible for overseeing employee well-being, professional growth, and a wide range of other critical functions. The HR department is most likely responsible for recruitment, training, onboarding, promotion, and the more challenging task of layoffs.

With the onset of the Digital Transformation Era, a rapid shift towards HR systems has emerged, with some providers leveraging this transformation to convince decision-makers to adopt their systems and programs, which unfortunately lacked a crucial feature.

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However, before diving into this feature, let’s take look into the traditional features of the most HR systems.

Essential features of the most HR systems

A centralized database

HR departments are no longer burdened with completing paperwork of each employee, as all information is conveniently accessible within the HR system’s centralized database. HR departments can now effortlessly access to information of any employee, department, or even the entire workforce with just a few clicks. 

Facilitating the Recruitment process

HR systems commonly provide a dashboard to analyze the overall performance of your business and its objectives, and can help determine the number of employees required in each department or for a particular project. 

HR systems provide a central location for storing job-specific skill requirements and creating a workflow to guide HR recruitment processes. Furthermore, the system can monitor onboarding and employee performance. Such information is insightful and valuable which can be adopted to enhance future recruitment processes.

Training and improvement

HR systems provide the potential to customize training for new employees according to your company’s specific requirements. Through analyzing the performance of former and current employees, the system can pinpoint the training and improvement’s areas of concentration. Implementing an HR system will facilitate career development for all employees by tracking their progress and performance from the outset.

Precision time management

An HR system can help you track employee work hours, including overtime, to facilitate payroll processing. Additionally, the system helps you create balanced shift schedules for all employees, considering sick leaves, vacations, and other special occasions. Any changes to shift schedules or work-related incidents can be tracked to ensure equitable compensation.

The feature that led our system to earn the title of Best HR System

For the first moment HR systems seem perfect!

However, many daily HR tasks, such as work schedule management, training, onboarding, involve a significant amount of repetitive manual data entry.

Such manual tasks consume the time and effort of HR personnel, making them unable to capitalize on their specialized skills and experience to make more meaningful and impactful contributions to the company. What if such time-consuming tasks were automated? Wouldn’t that lead to a more optimized utilization of their time? 

For sure! Therefore, we have embedded an (automation) feature into our Logix HR system.

Logix HR’s automation feature enables your company’s HR personnel to fulfill a multitude of repetitive tasks, thus allowing them to dedicate their time to optimizing human-driven HR processes such as [employee interactions and performance review discussions].

HR tasks that can be automated within Logix HR System

  • Payroll, including salaries cheques, salary adjustments, and other employee salary-related tasks.
  • Management of features accessible to employees through Employee Self-Service Portal which enables them to submit leave requests, expense reports, register for training courses, update personal data, and others. Our comprehensive HR System also provides employees and managers with real-time access to critical employee records and forms.
  • Email reminders, including any notifications and memos sent to employees.
  • HR traditional tasks such as: candidates’ attraction and resume review.
  • New employee onboarding, including IT resource access setup and orientation training.
  • Employee offboarding, including IT resource access termination and layoff interview scheduling.
  • Employee Training Tools. The training tools embedded within Logix system empower HR personnel to seamlessly manage employee training and development plans, track employee skills, monitor employee learning progress, and identify the areas of improvement.
  • Time and Leave Tracking Tools. Logix HR system features tools for scheduling and managing the digital transformation, time allocation, leave and balance tracking, overtime calculations, ensuring the company’s transparency, mitigating conflicts (such as those between employees and HR), and empowering HR personnel to concentrate on the other critical tasks.
  • Tax forms, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements processing.
  • Employee records creation and protection.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulatory standards (such as annual safety training) and share such compliance guidelines with the employees.
  • Automated job title and organizational structure classification.
  • Performance Evaluation Tools. The performance evaluation tools embedded within Logix HR System features for tracking feedbacks, organizing performance reviews, and collecting data. Furthermore, identifying turnover rate trends and low performance issues.
  • Talent management and retention tools. Talent management tools within Logix HR system can gather feedback on employee experiences and workplace satisfaction, thereby identify areas of improvement. The retention features can also identify common behaviors that may lead to resignation such as early departure or excessive unplanned leaves, enabling the company management to take necessary actions to address these issues and enhance that employee’s sense of belonging.
  • Comprehensiveness. The best HR system “Logix” integrates and synchronizes data with all your other company systems to enable data-driven and informed decision-making.

Beyond the efficiency and productivity enhancements facilitated by HR automation within Logix HR System, it also assists companies in complying with various recruitment laws and regulations.

  • Work laws and regulations. Logix system automates the government-mandated leave requests, send notification for credential data expiry, secure employee data.
  • Workplace safety. From background checks to automating environmental safety training, Logix HR automation system can ensure consistent completion of repetitive processes.
  • Salaries and benefits. Logix HR automation system can help you complying with minimum wage and overtime wage regulations.
  • Foreign employees. Logix HR automation system enables you to manage and track international employee immigration documents and work permits.

When is the optimal time to implement an HR system?

  • When the HR error rate exceeds your acceptable threshold.
  • When the HR department fails to generate reports, or reporting necessitates excessive manual data entry.
  • If you can’t access to further information about an employee.

It’s time to implement “Logix” the best HR System.

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